in which our heroes gently overcome the dreaded to-do list…

Ever had something just sit on your to-do list? Week after week, it doesn’t budge, until you get to the point where looking at it makes your tummy hurt?

So you do the logical thing – stop looking at your list.

What if there was an easy, guilt-free, force-free, way to move past the stuck? To keep working your list while figuring out what’s holding you back?

How many books on productivity have you read, how many new filing systems and planners have you tried, only to end up in the same place, just more frustrated than before.

Worse, you now have the additional weight of guilt brought on by one more thing not working.

 Feeling like you’re trapped in a cycle of overwhelm, frantic activity, then exhaustion and despair?

The last thing you need is something telling you how to rearrange your files, or what new calendar to buy.

But… a partner who will help you gently examine your patterns about time, uncover hidden areas of difficulty and help you make time for what’s important to you.

That might be something worth thinking about.

If you have “Write Novel” sitting on your list for a month, your partner might ask if that needs to be broken down into more manageable pieces.

Or ask if there’s something about that task that’s causing resistance or something that needs to be done first.

Or if you’re sure you want to do it at all.

No guilt, no shame, just gentle inquiry.

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It's not about getting stuff done.

It's about getting the stuff that's important to you done.